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Emos suck

2016-03-12 02:30:03 by Nikofoxyfox

nuff said


2015-12-02 20:01:43 by Nikofoxyfox

i feel like Holden Caulfeild. 

CaF2 and AlF3

Yeah so im

2015-10-30 20:33:14 by Nikofoxyfox

actually pansexual, I said I was bi but ive sorta known im pan for a while now.



2015-10-20 20:01:05 by Nikofoxyfox

not much to say......ive started to listen to the cure...there good........welp thats about it


2015-09-07 16:01:29 by Nikofoxyfox

heh, i used to think being a furry, brony, and liking anime were just gina be phases, but im kinda happy they weren't. Im finally getting things into my personality.   

Anyone else

2015-09-01 22:55:17 by Nikofoxyfox

really dislike the westboro baptist church people. Theyre just idiots, i saw a pic of them having their 10 year old children protesting the legalization of same sex marriage. Something i want to do one day is hold a punk concert near that town, its a stupid idea but i like the idea. Oh i really dislike em because im bi, and because theyre just feeding their kids stupid false info on how they want the world to be. Ill probably regret posting this cause people may not agree with me.


2015-08-19 23:43:14 by Nikofoxyfox

Havent been on here in a long time..........


I remember

2015-07-19 11:07:36 by Nikofoxyfox

when i only liked 90's anime. I still do prefer the artstyle the 90's had but now i mlre watch early 2000's anime.