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Anyone else

2015-09-01 22:55:17 by Nikofoxyfox

really dislike the westboro baptist church people. Theyre just idiots, i saw a pic of them having their 10 year old children protesting the legalization of same sex marriage. Something i want to do one day is hold a punk concert near that town, its a stupid idea but i like the idea. Oh i really dislike em because im bi, and because theyre just feeding their kids stupid false info on how they want the world to be. Ill probably regret posting this cause people may not agree with me.


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2015-09-01 23:07:10

You should never regret saying something just because others might disagree. One should never post anything to be intentionally hatefully, but stating your own opinion when you feel strongly on something is the right thing to do.

I am an atheist and I certainly do not like WBC


2015-09-02 01:15:53

Don't let it get to you, at the end of the day we all do what we think is right, we all have our own opinions in life , personally I think the human race need to stop playing a popularity contest and the greed game but it will never happen not in my life time anyways...


2015-09-03 14:34:42

i agree with @Wildgrowth and @wooooooooooooooooooo and totally agree with you
you should never regret saying anything, and still all what you said is true, i'm christian and i believe homosexuality is considered a sin but i have no right to force my thoughts and beliefs on other people, if they wanna be gay that's their life and their choice


2015-09-04 11:06:33

I was helping my church with VBS this summer and one of the helpers showed me the only line in the bible that was about homosexuality. I interpreted it and it's not exactly 100% against it as I can see. (Leviticus 18:22 is the verse) It's basically don't sleep with man as you would a woman, which can be taken two ways which I believe others can get an idea into what. Even though I'm a christian, I have a special respect to homosexual couples. It helps out alot with kids who were given up by their birth parents.

I'm quite neutral in this case seeing both sides. Also compare that to a whole paragraph about seafood.