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2015-07-17 23:11:45 by Nikofoxyfox

Im still a furry, a brony, and i still love anime, im also bi. So there that my bio

Its been awhile

2015-07-15 21:51:40 by Nikofoxyfox

idk why......ive changed a bit though, im more open about being in fandoms and stuff, i also started reading one piece and i love it. My art has gotton better, but its all (non sexual) furry stuff. Ive also started watching the it crowd and i love that as well. I read through all of twokinds in less than 3 days, (thats 11 years of a webcomic in less than 3 days). I listen to more alt rock now, im out of my pop punk phase (i still love that its just not my main music genre). My fav alt rock bands are radiohead, nirvana, RHCP, weezer, the white stripes, the strokes, and the pillows. Anyways, im back after a whole month.

Hawks win!!!

2015-06-15 23:28:05 by Nikofoxyfox


hold this thread as i walk away

Fur suitors

2015-06-08 20:49:33 by Nikofoxyfox

annoy me.

Ok first of all, it gives a bad name to us furries, and second, its wierd as hell if your dressed up in public places, i mean cant they just save it for one of their conventions?


2015-06-08 00:36:01 by Nikofoxyfox

Is soooooo good, i read through all of it in 3 days, i cant wait to see more!

My art

2015-06-07 14:28:26 by Nikofoxyfox

has changed, im back to using pen and paper, but i dont use pencil, ive never liked pancils. But my style has changed a bit to, soooooo soon i will upload some of the art ive done......oh i also prefer using lined paper, but i can use blank stuff if people want.

I guess

2015-06-05 16:44:28 by Nikofoxyfox

im still a bit of a furry, but i dont think im an animal like damn yiffers. But i still do draw furry characters. I still dont want to be grouped with them cause i dislike em.

Bonzo goes to bitburg

2015-06-03 11:35:21 by Nikofoxyfox

and goes out for a cup ah tea

I have finished

2015-05-30 21:18:13 by Nikofoxyfox

all the episodes of mlp on i have to wait for season 5 to be added. So ill watch portlandia and catch up on peaky blinders till its on.