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2015-05-29 21:54:13 by Nikofoxyfox

to the hotel california

Im a very different person

2015-05-27 19:47:41 by Nikofoxyfox

now than when i first made my NG account. I used to always hate on fandoms, and now, heh, im a bit like the people i always hated on. I love (certain) anime, im a brony, i went through that whole furry phase, my drawing skills have improved (i mean im not an amazing artist), and ive learned to not care that much about what people say on the internet when they are trying to be dicks.


I remember

2015-05-26 22:08:36 by Nikofoxyfox

when i was one of those kids who thought American idiot was the best greenday album. I Was so stupid. Now alot of the kids i know only listen to American idot and the stuff that came after (21st century breakdown, uno, dos, tre) which arent bad albums.....but they arent all that good either. (Uno was ok). 

P.s. The best greenday album is insomniac all you posers.

Ive only got

2015-05-26 08:30:42 by Nikofoxyfox

like 5 episodes of mlp left. Theyre assorted ones from season 1 and 2 though. But i have seen a few episodes from season 5 through you tube, but theyve been taken down. Anyways its a great show that is very funny.


2015-05-25 22:56:49 by Nikofoxyfox

has taken number ten on my top ten fav bands list, knocking the beatles off it (aka making the beatles an honorable mention or number 11)

feel good

2015-05-25 18:38:30 by Nikofoxyfox

feel good


2015-05-24 15:00:47 by Nikofoxyfox

theres an mlp movie where they are humans? I watched soulbrothanumbuh3's funny review of it, and my brony friend told me to watch it. Idk if i will though cause it sounds kinda wierd. Though i do love the normal show. Welp anyway should i watch this movie where theyre humans and shit? 


2015-05-21 23:58:55 by Nikofoxyfox

only 2 weeks left of school. But next week i have monday off and the week after its finals so i have no more full weeks left! Then ill be a sophomore and 25% done with high school.

Ha remember

2015-05-21 20:28:21 by Nikofoxyfox

when i said i thought dbz was very overrated? You guys freaked out. And when i said i thought furries are stupid and that i didnt choose my ng name for furry reasons? Farout frank was shocked, heh. I remember when i said i didnt find henti or anime girls sexy. A bunch of you were amazed by that too. So what im saying is, some of you suck, but its funny. Oh and i dont assosiate with being a furry anymore cause being a furry is stupid, but so is most of the stuff i Yeah.


they arent half bad