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2015-05-09 01:09:08 by Nikofoxyfox

do you know what vietnam is larry? Cause you're entering a world of pain. One of my fav movies

I have seen the others

2015-05-07 23:47:22 by Nikofoxyfox

and i have discovered that this fight is not worth fighting. 

Hump de bump

2015-04-30 20:11:19 by Nikofoxyfox

its not about the smile you wear but the way we make out.......thats an RHCP song



2015-04-25 20:24:02 by Nikofoxyfox

listenin to some killer beastie boys instrumentals

and i feel fine


2015-04-18 00:56:02 by Nikofoxyfox

yeah fight like a brave is probably my favorite RHCP song......ever since i heared it at the age of 3 when i first played thps3 with my brother

Woo, oh wait damnit

2015-04-16 14:27:15 by Nikofoxyfox

yay, its finally warm out and summer is gona be here soon and........damnit i have summer school. 


2015-04-05 19:13:56 by Nikofoxyfox

nikofox, or nikowolf?

I cant draw noses

2015-03-19 00:52:44 by Nikofoxyfox

drawing a nose is hard, why else would my profil pic have a fox/wolf nose